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Kautta rakkaimman isänmaan me juhlitaan, kun me voitetaan.

Siniristiliput heilumaan, on tuo poika jo kohta kotonaan.

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Statistics did not create this bond and do not sustain it. Friendship forged the pairing. Fact is, Kariya raved so much about Selanne after meeting him at the 1996 All-Star game, then-general manager Jack Ferreira decided to trade for him.


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This might be go down as one of the greatest moments in Ducks history

In Teemu Selanne’s last game ever of the regular season, he went over and grabbed long time teammate and ducks legend, J.S. Giguere (Who is contemplating and will possibly retire as well at the end of the season) and together they did one final lap around honda center. 

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"I am smiling… I think of you".

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